Egypt Client:Mr.Mohammed

From 60t/24h flour milling machine to 250t/24h flour milling machine

Our customer from Egypt,Mr.Mohammed,he bought 60t/24h flour milling machine in 2007.


After installing this 60TPD flour mill in Egypt our client was again very satisfied with our milling machines.


The client used the 60TPD wheat mill for 2 years and came back to our factory to order a 250 TPD flour mill.

This is just to prove that with us there are no limits

Brazil Client:Mr.Fabiyo

From 60t/24h flour milling machine to 200t/24h flour milling machine

In 2011,our client Mr.F from Brazil visit our facotry in China,we test the machines for him,show him 120t flour mill machine running in our city,he is very satisfied.

End of 2011,60TPD flour milling machine we have delivered and installed in Brazil.

It has been running without any problems since it was installed.

After buying the 60 TPD flour milling machine our Brazilian client was very impressed with its performance and efficiency and after 2 years he was back at Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD for an even larger 200TPD wheat mill.

In 2014,we delivered and installed the 200TPD wheat mill again to our Brazilian client.

Hongdefa Machinery:
Since 1982.Began export from 2004.



Maize, wheat and corn milling machine are built with the newest  technology and best materials in the world.

We dedicate all of our resources,enthusiasm, conscientious and energy towards providing our clients with a flour milling plant that will serve them to the prime of their satisfaction.

It is not just hearsay but it is what we have managed to do with each customer we trade with.

Considering that we have had more than 30years of experience in the milling market and having supplied flour milling equipments all around the world it is in everyone’s best interest for you to get yourself a Hongdefa maize milling machine, wheat flour milling machine or corn milling machine now.

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