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what is wheat flour milling process

For those who want to establish a wheat flour mill plant, what they may be interested in is the wheat flour milling process, and what equipments the plant need. Here you can learn a basic wheat milling process.

The milling of wheat flour goes this way:

first break the wheat—grind it—scrape the endosperm from bran flake— then grind the endosperm into flour with certain fineness.

wheat compositionThe structure of wheat cortex is tight and firm, while the structure of endosperm is relatively loose and soft, as a result, under the same pressure, shearing and cutting force, these two parts will be crushed into different particles. By sifting, cortex and endosperm flour with different particles can be separated, and to realize the purpose of getting rid of bran and reserve flour.

In net barn, the clean wheat is first pneumatically transmitted by air-lock valve into wheat flour mill for bran milling, while at the same time the dust in clean wheat enters impulse type dust collector. In the wheat flour milling machine, clean wheat is grinded into 2 parts: the coarse grain and powder enter 1# high plansifter for bran milling and sifting, while bran flakes enter next bran milling system. Then the bran flake goes into following bran milling until the endosperm is fully scraped from bran.

Through the processing of bran mill, core mill, tail mill, and sizing, clean wheat becomes coarse flour; coarse flour is transmitted by elevator into the wheat flour detacher to loosen the powder slices that formed under the pressing of smooth roller. After that, the loose coarse wheat powder will enter high plansifter, and the multi-layer lattices inside high plansifter with different allocation can compose cleaned materials into different sieving paths, ultimately realize the purposes of grading and sieving.

The basic flour that meets standards which is sieved by high plansifter with different components and characters are mixed together in certain proportion to make different grades of flour. Then the flour goes magnetic separation to get rid of magnetic substances, and directly be delivered to flour packing machine for weighing and hand packing. After that, flour in bags is transported to finished products warehouse. While those particles screened out from the high plansifter will go into purifiers to be separated into pure powder particles and bran fragments that will be delivered into corresponding milling machines dividually for grinding, and then repeat the above process.

wheat flour milling process

The basic configuration of wheat flour milling process

  • Bran milling system: scrape the endosperm from wheat kernels, and produce as much slag as possible. At the same time, produce as less bran powder and broken wheat as possible.
  • Wheat slag milling and purifying system: separate the sieved slag and husk which is adhered to the core. The pure wheat slag and core will be delivered to core mill, while wheat husk will be delivered to fine grinder.
  • Core milling system: mill the pure wheat slag and core until they reach required particle size flour. The core milling system consists a coarse core mill (tail mill) to process the wheat germ and fine offal mixed in slag and core.

In fact, not all the wheat flour milling goes the same way. It may vary according to your own requirements. So, if you want a turnkey project, just feel free to contact us!

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